Support for IT infrastructure:

We provide clients with designs, setups, and configurations for both Computer and telephone networks (Intercom connection). We setup and maintain Internet connections. We analyze needs and provide various options based on quality and cost. We provide clients with knowledge and expertise to setup server systems for e-mails, databases, files, scanners and printers. We service, repair and maintain computer equipment as well as troubleshoot software problems for our clients.


Application Development and office automation: 

Our team invests time in providing working tools for an everyday office. We develop, supply and deploy carefully analyzed hardware and software resources to cut costs and transform your office into an environment suitable for your working needs. We provide document imaging and management tools, cost reduction software applications, infrastructure for networks and data backup. We have interest in developing cloud technologies keeping our desktop in mind and most important of all security as the KEY to safety.


The Internet is one of the best and most challenging marketing and communications medium that we have ever seen. MELIOR TECH CONSULT LTD is poised to meet those challenges with a thorough understanding of this new and evolving technology. MELIOR TECH CONSULT LTD can quickly and easily set up and maintain your Web site, allowing you to provide information and services to your customers in an entertaining and speedy manner. We are experienced Web designers that use the best aspects of the Internet to provide maximum impact for your Web site. MELIOR TECH CONSULT LTD can also help you navigate the Internet by showing you where and how to get the information you need, when you need it.



 Sometimes, off the shelf applications cannot meet all of your needs. If this is your situation, MELIOR TECH CONSULT LTD will gladly custom design a solution for you. If you need a relational database management system, a custom front-end, or another utility, MELIOR TECH CONSULT LTD will create it quickly and easily. We will even enhance existing programs for you.






Company Overview

 Melior Tech Consult Ltd is the fastest growing company in the Information and telecommunications technology in Uganda. It is a private limited company registered in Uganda that has highly qualified, skilled and experienced personnel in the fields of information technology and telecommunication installations..


Fibre Optic Training

The primary focus of this course is to provide a comprehensive coverage of the best practices for the deployment of optical communication networks..


Telecommunication Engineering

The MTC team consists of certified and highly trained personnel. Experts machinery/equipment to provide quality work in the telecommunication industry. Most of our experts are not only comfortable in Uganda, but also easily adapt to new environments.